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Homeownership Rehabilitation Program

The Homeownership Rehabilitation Program provides a subsidy for the rehabilitation of vacant houses into low-income homeownership opportunities. The houses must be owned or sold to income eligible homebuyers, who will occupy the property as their primary residence. Homebuyer/homeowner eligibility will be determined by PNHS or another city certified pre-purchase housing counseling agency and the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC).

The subsidy is considered gap financing; the market value of the property less the cost of project development determines the amount of the subsidy up to a predetermined maximum. The homebuyer/homeowner must purchase/finance the property at the after Rehab appraised value as determined by an independent appraiser and approved by PHDC. Exceptions to this rule may be made at PHDC's discretion.

Client Driven Homeownership Rehabilitation Program


The client-driven model is designed to assist eligible/qualified families that have site control of a vacant property. In this case, PNHS would qualify the client, provide technical assistance on all required submissions for project approval by the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) and act as project developer upon approval of the scope of services and funding by the PHDC, PNHS and/or lender. PNHS will earn a developer's fee for administering the project. Properties will be rehabilitated in accordance with minimum housing quality standards as determined by PNHS, PHDC and the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

The City of Philadelphia Neighborhood Stabilization Program is an innovative opportunity to turn vacant foreclosed properties in owner-occupied dwellings. The City of Philadelphia received $16.8 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development to support this effort, which is managed by the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia (RDA).

The City of Philadelphia NSP will be focused on selected neighborhoods taking into account foreclosure data and other factors.

PNHS is happy to be one of the developers selected to develop homes under this program.

The Redevelopment Authority (RDA) working with development partners negotiates the price of vacant foreclosed properties with lenders. Properties are purchased at discount prices. The RDA provides financing for the acquisition, rehabilitation and marketing using HUD NSP funds. The RDA expects that the cost of acquisition, renovation marketing and developer compensation will exceed the sales price. The shortfall will be funded through a subsidy secured by a second mortgage.

  • Buyers of these properties must occupy the property as their principal residence.

  • Buyers must complete eight hours of housing counseling through a qualified housing counseling agency.

  • Buyers must qualify under certain income requirements.

  • Buyer and mortgagor must agree to second mortgage designed to preserve affordability.

  • See PNHS property listings on this site for houses developed under this program, or call (215) 476 - 4205


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    4620 Greene Street Listing

    Examples of Vacant Property Rehabilitation

    Vacant Property Before Rehab

    Vacant Property During Rehab

    Vacant Property Completed

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